Survey Management

The key to success or failure in your drilling operation is likely going to come down to drilling survey management. Properly estimating any reservoir before drilling operations commence is a high-risk process for any company. Hool Energy has highly experienced drilling survey managers with the experience to help your company avoid the extensive cost associated with either overestimating or underestimating reservoirs before drilling operations begin. We start by ensuring that all directional data acquired in the field during a survey matches up to geometrical positioning standards.

Survey management services from Hool Energy can help improve the profitability of your drilling operations by removing uncertainty from your decision-making process, reduce the risk of miscalculation, cut costs, and ensure safer drilling conditions overall. Additionally, we provide innovative technological analysis during survey management with data quality and integrity controls, improvements in reference models, and removal of systematic errors in data sets. The result is an improved wellbore position accuracy for your company. Our survey management experts will work hand in hand with your drilling operation to ensure that industry accepted standards are met. Our primary goal is to accurately position every well to eliminate the risk and uncertainty inherent with any drilling process.

Key Surveying Services include:

  • Data quality and integrity control
  • Removal of systematic error in data sets
  • Improving wellbore position accuracy
  • Managing existing datasets and creating database

If you have any questions regarding our survey management services, please contact us at 281-655-3409 today to discover how Hool Energy can improve your survey operations.