Hool Energy was originally formed as an independent provider of engineering services to the oil and natural gas industry throughout the Onshore Mexico region. Since 2011, we have strived to bring the most sophisticated technological solutions to bear for our partners along the Mexico and Latin America. Our technology solutions include support for onshore and offshore conventional drilling, non-conventional drilling, and directional drilling operations throughout the region. The personnel at Hool Energy possess extensive experience in the oil and natural gas industry, and we use deep-data analysis to constantly learn and improve both our technology and our drilling operations support.

At Hool Energy, we consistently track the key performance indicators of our partners and procure the latest technology in the market to ensure our customers can meet and overcome their technical challenges in the shortest period of time possible. The technological experience and expertise of Hool Energy personnel includes everything from drilling engineering and risk analysis to the execution & evaluation of the drilling project. Hool Energy experts can develop solutions to any issue facing the industry, and we can configure our equipment to meet the complex challenges of any conventional or unconventional drilling project-onshore or offshore.

If you’re ready to discuss the technological needs of your next drilling project, get in touch with the experts at 281-655-3409 today to discover the difference that Hool Energy can make for your enterprise!